Episode 144 - Perceiving the Beauty of God Through Holiness

Pentecost VII 2022

What we all want is to see the beauty of the Lord. But we can only see it in a state of holiness, the prophets speak of the beauty of holiness because the prophets were caught up and saw the beauty of the Lord. The pure in heart shall see God, St. John tells us. Our gradual taken from Psalm 34 says: "They had an eye unto him and were enlightened, and their faces were not ashamed". To be illumined is to gain the knowledge of God through encounter, and that encounter only comes through holiness.

Episode 143 - It Is Good for the Brethren to Dwell Together In Unity

Pentecost VI 2022

It is not good for man to be alone- that is a practical and metaphysical declaration that God made clear from the very beginning of our existence. It is not good to be alone- and one can be alone even in a crowd. It is not good to go it alone. it is good to be in the sheepfold among the flock.

The enemy of our soul is the divider of the brethren, he plots and schemes as to how he can divide and fracture and tear asunder the unity of the brethren, this is his primary goal, if he can do this he has set the stage for the kill. We must be wise to his schemes, and not allow ourselves to be drawn into this trap, to be lured away from the sheepfold.

Episode 142 - Do Not Surrender Your Peace

Pentecost V 2022

There are enemies all around whose sole purpose is to steal our peace by destroying our gentle and tranquil spirit. They have all kinds of tricks and weapons to incite us to anger and agitation. But the truth is, we are our own worst enemies because they can do nothing to us without our cooperation. At the end of the day our enemy does not take our peace away, we give forfeit it. We must not engage in things that will disturb that peace. Not only must we avoid doing things that trouble our tranquility be must also actively guard it. We are in fact engaged in a war to maintain peace.

Episode 141 - The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom

Pentecost III 2022

Someone who fears the Lord is someone who is not playing games with reality. To fear the Lord is to face reality with humility and respect, this is the beginning of Wisdom- We cannot rightly see the truth if we are trapped in the deceit of desire and irrational emotion. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom because it is only after we face the bald truth of things only when we see things as they are that we can align our lives with that truth- that is wisdom made possible by the fear of the Lord. I suppose there is no greater fool than the one who knows the truth and does not love the truth by living according to the truth.

Episode 140 - Learning to Rejoice

Sunday In The Octave of Corpus Christie 2022

We have work to do. We have come a long way, God has been so gracious to us, but we have work to do. The absolute meaning of our life, our very existence is to feed on god by offering the sacrifice, by offering ourselves in the sacrifice of the lamb, and then going out into the world in the spirit of power to live holy lives and to draw all men to god. Todays Feast of the Body of Christ, Corpus Christie, this is the feast of great joy and satiation, because our hunger has been satisfied with angels food, the bread of heaven, the flesh of God made Man, there should be no greater joy for us. This is how we feast, we should pull out all the stops. We need to learn how to feast. We need to learn how to rejoice and give thanks.

And it's not just something that happens spontaneously, you realize that feasting requires asceticism and discipline every bit as much as fasting does? We fast so that we can offer the sacrifice with purity of heart, we feast so that we can offer the sacrifice in joy. But they're both so that we can offer the sacrifice.

Episode 139 - The Significance of Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday 2022

The knowledge of God, and of the fulness of life, and truth, and joy, and love, comes to man at Pentecost because that is when we received the Holy Spirit, and that is why we celebrate the dogma of the Trinity in association with the feast of Pentecost- which is the culmination of Pascha. Today, this very particular Sunday is the octave day of Pentecost, and the capstone of Pascha, and on this day we celebrate the knowledge of God who is Father, Son and Spirit because we have received the Holy Spirit into our very selves.

Episode 138 - God Has Forged Us In The Flame Of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost 2022

This 50 day revelry comes to fruition today and what is His is now ours, the Spirit who is the love between the Father and Son is ours and we are His. His power is ours, His peace is ours, His victory is ours, His Majesty, and scepter, and throne, and confidence that all will be well is ours even in this world which is still trying to kill us. Let it try, let it spit and spurt it’s dying threats- it is no consequence for us because we have received The Spirit of life and power, we have been enflamed with Holiness and cannot die.

Episode 137 - Why Stand Ye Gazing Up Into Heaven?

Sunday in the Octave of the Ascension 2022

When Jesus said on the Cross that "it is finished", He did not mean that there is not still a lot to be done. It is finished, but there is stil much to be brought to fulfilment. Death is dead- sin is broken- but we still contend with death and sin in this world. He warned them repeatedly of what they would face even though He was glorified and said it was finished. So where does that leave us, 2000 years later? Where did it leave the disciples huddled together in an upper room praying and waiting for God knows what- something that Jesus told them to wait for. It leaves us desperate and hungry for the one thing, the only thing, the absolute one thing in the in-between time while we prepare for his return, while we contend with our enemies, while we are being made perfect and Christified. And that one thing is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Episode 136 - That Your Joy Might Be Full

Easter V 2022

When Jesus makes the wild promise to the disciples when he tells them that whatever they ask the Father in the name of Jesus, he will give it to them, a little common sense tells us that Jesus is not talking about power ball, a reservation at Noma, a high IQ or even a miracle of healing. He refused that to Paul, and I'm pretty certain that Paul, being a good baptist, must have ended his prayer with "In Jesus' Name".

He still didn't get what He asked for. Neither did Job. I'll tell you who got their prayer answered: it was Satan, when he asked for access to attack Job. God granted Satan his request and refused both Paul and Job. He refused their prayer requests unto their salvation, and granted Satan's request unto his condemnation.

Episode 135 - Holiness Manifests Within Community, Not Individualism

Easter IV 2022

The only way we can be solidly fixed and find the joy we desire is if we are all fixed on the same desire and commandment. In our life in the here and now, there is something at the center which holds us all together as one: there is a power to unite that works though our faculties. Our individual faculties, of love and desire, when we share the same love and desire within a community of persons, then, we will share one mind, and one will.
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