Episode 209 - The Struggle To Live In Our Age

Advent II 2023

Christ is King, he reigns in our age. Why are we still so restless? How long must things go on this way? And what compass will guide us through the age before the end?

Episode 208 - He Who Endures To The End Shall Be Saved

Advent I 2023

We have an enemy, and he has weapons. The sharpest and most insidious of which may also be the most widely accepted and ignored in our modern day. Where is the barb that awaits us today? Into what net does he most desire us to fall? Let us be watchful as we enter this advent season.

Episode 207 - Prepare For The Beginning By Recalling The End

Pentecost XXV 2023

The XXV and final Sunday of Pentecost leads us into Advent, and the preparation for Christmas. Why as we prepare to meet Our Lord are we met with apocalypse, and a warning about his dread second coming? His appearance in the manger begins the end of all ages, it is the call to stock our oil and trim our wicks. Prepare the way O Zion, your Lord is drawing near.

Episode 206 - There Is A Word That Has Been Sown In Your Heart

Pentecost XXIV 2023

Brethren, be sober and vigilant. Your enemy prowls like a lion hoping to devour you. Cast not your pearls before swine. We are given admonishment and warning time and again in the Gospels. But what ought we watch for? And what must we do with this pearl of great price? A great task lies ahead of us, let us rise to meet it in the Name of the Lord.

Episode 205 - Imitate Me

Pentecost XXIII 2023

Why bother with the Saints? Is Christ not enough? Why ask for help from anyone else? And why does St. Paul tell us to imitate himself instead?

Episode 204 - Whose Image And Inscription?

Pentecost XXII 2023

We are not our own. We are not self-generating, self-preserving, self-directed, self-answering, not indepedent beings free from debt and obligation. Yes, we have to get along in this world. So, you know, keep your scruples, but be practical about it. Don't give in to scrupulosity, don't become an ideologue. Have some convictions. But what's really important, and what really matters, is what you owe God.

Episode 203 - Everything We Need, The King Has Provided

Christ The King 2023

The proclamation "Jesus Is Lord" not only declares Jesus of Nazareth, Mary's boy, to be eternal God, it also declares him as the fulfillment of all divinely inspired images of King and Ruler in the history of mankind going back to Adam himself.

Episode 202 - What Will You Do On The Plateau?

Pentecost XX 2023

Imagine a graph which tracks your spiritual life. There is a beginning down here, and an end, a goal up here. We imagine that the line should go straight up to the goal. That is what we want it to do, what we think it should do. But that is not what happens, ever. That is not how it works.

Episode 201 - Wear Your Wedding Garments

Pentecost XIX 2023

In [the parable of the wedding feast] there are four types of guests. Those who didn't care, and ignored the invitation. Those who cared but manifested in hatred and murder. Those from the streets, the good and the bad, who came and received, gratuitously, the robe of righteousness. And then finally, he who came, but did not put on his garment. When we read a parable like this, obviously, we want to ask a question: who are we, in this parable?

Episode 200 - The Problem Of Choice

Pentecost XVII 2023

It's very helpful to have one calling. It makes things simple. Life seems so complex sometimes. There's so many choices, so many things tugging at us in so many directions. It's easy to get confused. We end up turning ourselves in circles, trying to decide which way to go, what to focus on. It actually creates an existential crisis, a paralysis, and certainly contributes to our anxiety, which seems to be an epidemic in our day and age.

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